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  • Create 3D structures with the state of the art nanofibers at an extremely competitive price.
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  • Mechatronics meets science to simplify nanofiber production.
  • A new level of expertise given to nanofiber fabrication.
  • Simple fabrication of ultrathin-fiber-based 3D structures.
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  • We know about machines, but also, we do know about advanced materials and physics.
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Novaspider v3.

Discover the most advanced 3D electrospinning equipment on the market


Who We Are .

NovaSpider is a scientific initiative to develop the best tools for manufacturing ultra-thin fiber structures with MEW and Electrospinning Innovations. We provide state-of-the-art tools and scientific support to fabricate nanocomposites with fibers via Electrospinning and melt-electrowriting (MEW).

A multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers at the vanguard nanoscience research centre CIC nanoGUNE developed this innovative technology. The equipment creates multi-phase 3D structures that can combine random nanofibers regions and aligned ultrathin fiber regions using electrospinning technique in addition to the use of the well-known Fuse Deposition Modelling technique for the “solid” areas.

The NovaSpider program, managed by the senior mechatronics expert and electrospinning specialist MSc Javier Latasa Mtz. de Irujo, is divided into two separated lines:

  • NovaSpider Tools Development: Design and fabrication of advanced electrospinning equipment.
  • NovaSpider Scientific Services: Research and development services for advanced materials and techniques.

NovaSpider is the result of intense and rigorous work on the field that started with Dr Wiwat Nuansing, among other researchers within the Self-Assembly Group led by Prof. Dr. Alexander Bittner at CIC nanoGUNE.

The support of experts in the 3D printing industry has enabled the team to meet the highest standards and to include the sector’s latest technological developments.

Compliance with the highest technical and market standards is ensured by Nadetech, expert manufacturer of scientific equipment and industrial process scaling partner.

team work

A team of teams .

The interdisciplinary collaboration of top scientists, expert engineers and the best technical services professionals led to the success of the project with MEW and Electrospinning Innovations.

Electrospinning: a fascinating technique to produce ultrathin fibers


Anual grouth CAGR
until 2023

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Technology .

Applies the state-of-the-art technologies to integrate fused deposition modeling (FDM) with solution-electrospinning and melt-electrospinning techniques. MEW and electrospinning innovations to work with a large range of materials.


Fused Deposition Modeling

Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is a widely spread additive manufacturing technique to create 3D parts with thermoplastics. This method consists on a layer-to-layer deposition of molten material that solidifies when it cools creating the desired object.

Solid 3D structures

Solution Electrospinning

Solution electrospinning is a fiber production method which uses electric force to draw charged threads of polymer solutions up to fiber diameters in the order of nanometers. Solution electrospinnig uses the material dissolved in an appropriate solvent, which evaporates before the fiber is deposited on the collector.

Random nanofibes

Melt Electro Writing

Melt electrospinning is a particular case of electrospinning to produce fibrous structures from polymer melts, without using solvents. Combined with moving collectors, is known as melt electrospinning writing (MEW) and allows to perform 3D printing with ultrathin-fibers.

3D ultrathin-fiber structures


Novaspider’s printing heads can be feed with pellets, powder or liquid materials, with temperature control up to 300ºC

User Interface

The machine interprets reproducible g-code programs. Process parameters are controlled and displayed in real time through an intuitive interface.



Novaspider’s printing heads can be feed with pellets, powder or liquid materials, with temperature control up to 300ºC

User Interface

The machine interprets reproducible g-code programs. Process parameters are controlled and displayed in real time through an intuitive interface.

nanocomposites with
3D ultra-thin fibers

Discover incredible biomedical applications

nanofibers electrospinning
3D Nanocomposites
Tissue engineering, biosensing and drug delivery.

Aligned or random ultrathin fibers
from a wide range of materials

Enjoy our scientific support

Design and fabrication

Use custom materials as pellets, powder or solution

Take advantage of our technical support

Variety of materials
Custom and commercial

Applications .

There are plenty exciting fields of application for nanocomposites with fibers fabricated through MEW and Electrospinning Innovations, considering that they have tunable porosity, controllable fiber thickness, high specific surface area and customed morphology.

Nano-material-based scaffolds are used to regenerate and repare tissue. We can produce biocompatible / bioabsorbable / conductive structures that guide and stimulate the growth of bone, muscle and neural tissue among others.

Fiber structures are functionalized and used in controlled drug release, wound protection and as biosensors.

Recycled, biodegradable and functional fabrics can be printed.

Functionalized membranes act as an antimicrobial barrier for food packaging, prolonging preservation.

Its role as a catalyst in super batteries arouses great interest.



We assist you throughout the process of designing and manufacturing advanced materials for MEW and Electrospinning Innovations

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Electrospinning equipment

NovaSpider v5 standard tool includes solution electrospinnig, melt electrospinning (MEW) and Fuse deposition Modeling (FDM) additive manufacturing technique. The tool has several optional accessories.

Get customized electrospinnig tools designed for specific applications.

I+D and Fabrication Services

Enjoy scientific and technical support with different levels of involvement:

Free initial validation tests

Support on development and manufacturing

Custom nanocomposite design and manufacturing

Complete application development projects

Characterisation service

Scanning electron Microscopy (SEM)/(ESEM)

High-res. Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM)

Atomic-Force Microscope (AFM)

Near-field microscope, s-SNOM (NeaSpec)

FTIR Spectrometer