Novaspider v5 specifications.


Fuse deposition modeling (FDM)

Electrospinning (Solution and melt)

Melt electrowriting (MEW)

Material dispenser

High-precision syringe pump

Screw driven extruder                   ≤ 300 °C

Pressure driven barrel:                  ≤ 250 °C

High voltage power supplies

Module A*:       0 to +30 Kv

Module B*:       0 to -10 Kv

* Other configurations available under request


Flat plate*:     190 x 190 mm

Drum collector*:    250 mm long x 70 mm ⌀, 4000 rpm

* Other dimensions available under request

Controlled Atmosphere

Temperature*:     15 – 50 ºC

Humidity*:     20 – 80 % HR

* Other ranges available under request

Movement specifications

Axial velocity*:    200 mm/s

Accuracy *:           12.5 μm

* Other configurations available under request.

The deposition of fibers at distances of less than 40-50 μm between them is hardly possible with the MEW technique (So far not reported in the scientific literature)

Additional features

Web user interface

Webcam for remote monitoring and automatic-timelapse video  generation

Taylor cone camera

Web User Interface

Comprehensive control

Simple supervision

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Melt electrowriting MEW Novaspider

Electrospinning equipment

NovaSpider v5 standard tool includes solution electrospinnig, melt electrospinning (MEW) and Fuse deposition Modeling (FDM) additive manufacturing technique. The tool has several optional accessories.

We also povide customized electrospinnig tools designed for specific applications.

Application support

We offer scientific and technical support with different levels of involvement:

Free initial validation tests

Support on development and manufacturing

Custom nanocomposite design and manufacturing

Complete application development projects

Characterisation service

Scanning electron Microscopy (SEM)/(ESEM)

High-res. Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM)

Atomic-Force Microscope (AFM)

Near-field microscope, s-SNOM (NeaSpec)

FTIR Spectrometer