A team of teams .

The interdisciplinary collaboration of top scientists, expert engineers and the best technical services professionals led to the success of this inspiring project.

Top science met
cutting-edge technology

A multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers at the vanguard nanoscience research center CIC nanoGUNE has developed an innovative technology recently protected through a patent application.

Strong foundations

An exceptional multidisciplinary team of experts from various fields, including materials science, nanotechnology, chemistry, physics, mechatronics, engineering, and 3D printing, has come together to collaborate on and drive the success of this project. Dr. Wiwat Nuansing, a leading figure in electrospinning, and mechatronics engineer Javier Latasa, among other researchers from the Self-Assembly Group under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Alexander Bittner at CIC nanoGUNE, have worked diligently over the past years to lay the foundation for this endeavor.

A powerful alliance

Compliance with the highest technical and market standards are guaranteed by Nadetech, expert manufacturer of scientific equipment and industrial process scaling partner. On the other hand, IT3D, specialists in international distribution and customer service, guarantee the best user experience.

Enthusiastic teams unite with a common goal:

Make state-of-the-art technology available to turn scientific research into practical applications accessible to society.

Take part in the challenge

Cutting-edge technologies for advanced materials .

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