Applications Images

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NovaSpider v5 specifications


Fuse deposition modeling (FDM)

Electrospinning (Solution and melt)

Melt electrowriting (MEW)

Material dispenser

High-precision syringe pump

Screw driven extruder

Preassure driven barrel

High voltage power supplies

Module A*:       0 to +30 Kv

Module B*:       0 to -10 Kv

* Other configurations available under request


Flat plate*:     200 x 200 mm

Drum collector*:    250 mm long x 70 mm ⌀

* Other dimensions available under request

Controlled Atmosphere

Temperature*:     15 – 50 ºC

Humidity*:     40 – 80 % HR

* Other ranges available under request

Movement specifications

Axial velocity*:    250 mm/s

Accuracy*:     50 μm

* Other configurations available under request

Additonal features

Web user interface

Webcam for remote monitor and timelapse video automatic generation

Taylor cone camera